The goal of this project is to find software alternatives without even specifying each different functionality.

We are used to search on Google the details of the features to maybe desperately find the software of our dreams. But Google is not very good at it.

So I wanted to use a different way of finding things. With this tool, no more need to detail specific features. Just enter 2 softwares of which you would like to find an alternative, and you will get a mixture of both.

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Under the hood

  • Softwares are saved in a Neo4j graph database
  • Each software is linked in with softwares that have the closer features
  • Which ends with a knowledge graph of softwares similarity
  • Results are a shortest path query sorted according to the level of similarity, from one software to the other.



  • Neo4j
  • Sveltekit
  • TypeScript
  • Serverless
  • TailwindCSS


  • Select 2 softwares
  • Get the list of all alternatives which have similar features of both softwares.
  • Explore the graph of the whole software ecosystem



It will become very difficult to collect data manually and categorize it accurately at a larger scale.

And unfortunelately, I don’t know any AI that would be capable of doing this kind of work by itself… Indeed, this kind of data need precision for the project to stay reliable.