Software Merger: Combine 2 softwares to get alternatives

Intro The goal of this project is to find software alternatives without even specifying each different functionality. We are used to search on Google the details of the features to maybe desperately find the software of our dreams. But Google is not very good at it. So I wanted to use a different way of finding things. With this tool, no more need to detail specific features. Just enter 2 softwares of which you would like to find an alternative, and you will get a mixture of both....

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TraDOGE: Crypto trading bot with Twitter

Bot de trading DOGE trading bot for instantly buying and selling DOGE cryptocurrency on Binance when Elon Musk tweets about it. Github Repository Technologies Python CCXT API Crypto Twitter API Websocket Features Auto trigger on new tweet with websocket Healthcheck to alert on downtime Friendly terminal UI

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Trouve Ton Meme

Website Touve Ton Meme A website to find memes to use in chats according to: Categories Search by describing the image you are looking for Still in development, images are random examples currently. Website link Technologies Python Django Django-Unicorn for components with Ajax requests refresh without page reload S3 storage for media files Redis cache Features Listing memes by category Full text search across all memes with hidden detailed description User accounts Bookmarking Upload meme Admin meme validation User ranking Rate limiting

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